Power Purchase


Through the contract design, we guide the flows of virtual energy, certificates and profits to multiple stakeholders across the physical distance, and have the corporate power purchase serve as a bridging tool for sustainable partnerships.



Pioneering in RE retailing industry

Holding the 1st issued RE retailing license in Taiwan with household rooftop solar energy sold to a RE100 Taiwanese company & supply chain

Transferring FiT Contract to CPPA

Well-experienced in unbundling the knots of FiT contracts with the Utility for generators and freeing up the green power for sale in the retailing market.

Saving Options for Future Needs

Building owners may contract for CPPA with rate deduction or leasing the rooftop while seizing the option of buying the rooftop energy back during its operation.

Conquering the Metering Problem

Established the power wheeling mechanism with L'Oréal and Taipei 101 for commercial building tenants who have no isolated metering equipment.


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