Tainan Shalun Integrated Smart Energy Services PPP Project

Greenharvest will deploy solar PV generation, storage batteries (behind the meter), energy management system, and various technologies, together with Acer Group in Shalun Science Park, Tainan, for the 1st integrated energy service PPP project in Taiwan.

Tainan Shalun Integrated Smart Energy Services PPP Project

"Tainan Shalun Integrated Smart Energy Services PPP Project" is the first PPP project that incorporates power generation, energy storage, energy data management and advanced technology application in Taiwan.

This project aims to promote energy transformation by introducing various technologies to achieve 100% renewable energy penetration rate during the peak hours as the first-stage goal, then to set up the practicing structure of virtual power plant (VPP) to help the off-takers in the Shalun Science Park achieve 24/7 green energy 100% target and zero emission in the long run.

Greenharvest will implement this PPP project as the project leader, and work with Acer Group with its capabilities in cloud computing and relevant smart tech applications developed in recent years. 

The detail projects include:

  • Building 14-16MW solar photovoltaic power generation system.
  • The off-takers in Shulan Science Park will be given priority to purchase the green electricity. The rest will be sold through corporate power purchase agreement to users in Tainan County.
  • Installing at least 1MW/3MWh energy storage system behind the meters.
  • Setting up smart meters and communication equipment to monitor and analyze user loads, and build a park power management system (CEMS) to record real-time information on power generation, power consumption, and energy storage charging and discharging in each district.
  • Establish an energy information service platform for public display and promote green energy education and technology applications.


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