Operation & Maintenance


Through routine inspection by our inhouse O&M team with the appliance of AI monitoring and error detecting system, we provide PV solar power plants monitoring, site examination, and maintenance services to ensure stable power generation of the project sites.



10+Years of O&M Experience

Operating accumulated 300MW solar energy projects for more than 10 years by our in-house O&M team with a patented AI error-detecting system

Distributed Project Management

Managing more than 800+ rooftop and ground-mount solar project sites distributed all around Taiwan and outlying islands

Solutions for All-type Project Sites

Controlling solar systems on buildings, factories, livestock & poultry houses, hospitals, basketball playgrounds in schools, severe land subsidence areas, salted land areas, and etc.

Higher Energy Yields than Average

Annual energy yields of the project sites under control are 8-10% higher than the neighboring projects according to the data disclosed by the Utility Taipower Company.


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