Regular On-site Inspection

Maintenance of power generation equipment and monitoring hardware to ensure the quality of power generation data and security devices.

Inspection & Replacement of Solar Modules with Hot Spot or Fragment

Cleaning with Water to Prevent Detergent Contamination.

Check & Repair Abnormal Circuits to Reduce the Risk of Fire

Tracking the Heat on the Switch with Infrared Imager

Electrical Testing

Inverter troubleshooting

Checking the Loop Impedance & Replacing the Connector

Regular Weeding & Tree Pruning

Repairing Circuit Abnormalities & Elimanating Rodent Infestation

We provide equipment troubleshooting, regular inspections, meter readings, vulnerable project site analysis, module cleaning, weeding and tree pruning, spare parts management, typhoon and earthquake prevention inspections, maintenance and operation of orphaned sites, and entire project renovation to improve power generation efficiency in one-stop.


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