Commissioned Research for TPC

Commissioned Research for TPC

Real-Time Generation on the GEMS Platform (Taipower website)

The Concept of the Estimation Model of GEMS

ReForecast, the affiliated company of Greenharvest, has won and completed two commissioned research projects offered by the Dispatching Office of Taipower Company, namely "Introducing the Real-Time Power Generation Data of Private-owned Renewable Energy Power Plants into the Dispatching Platform" and "Utilizing the Meteorological Big Data Information to the Real-Time Solar Energy Power Generation Estimation."

The first project is to develop a "Renewable Energy Power Generation Monitoring and Scheduling Information Platform (GEMS)" for Taipower and access thousands of power generation information from the renewable energy power plants above 1MW, private monitoring centers, the Distribution Office and the Renewable Energy Office of Taipower Company, and etc..

The data transmission protocol of the foregoing platform complies with IEC 61850-1 MMS and ICCP TASE.2 (IEC 60870-6). In addition, we established an estimation and forecasting model for the power generation of smaller-scale projects based on Taipower's power purchase capacity and the generation data of the neighboring project sites (>40,000 sites).

Based on the first stage accomplishments, Reforecast has developed a 24-hour forecast model for solar power generation which incorporates meteorological information and AMI meter data for TPC in the second research project since 2019. 


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