Energy Data Management

Data Service

We provide PV solar energy generation monitoring, error detection & forecasting services through 7-day AI learning with basic on-site meters. By further incorporating load data from the customers, we help businesses pursue RE100 and better management of their 'carbon budget.'



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Massive Data Backhaul Solutions

Our PV solar monitoring system can support massive data backhaul to the DREAMS system of Taipower without additional equipment. Applied in 300MW solar power plants since 2015.

Proactive Error Detecting System

We utilize machine learning to build models for real-time detection and synchronized analysis of the operational status of inverters and modules for accurate O&M services.

Forecasting Supply & Demand Side

Developed Power Generation Forecasting System and Load Data Forecasting System for future application in energy storage & 24/7 power supply businesses in the smart grids.

Conducting Data Researches for TPC

Completed "Simulating Real-time Generation of All Private-owned Solar Power Plants in Taiwan" and "Integrating Meteorological Big Data to Improve Simulation" for Taipower Company.


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