Forecasting the Solar PV & the Load




Forecasting the Solar PV & the Load

Based on the team's in-depth understanding of solar PV power plant equipment and the analysis of domestic meteorological data, Reforecast has developed a "Solar PV Power Generation Forecasting System" that can provide accurate generation forecasts.

In addition, Reforecast works with green energy off-takers through MR.WATT's retailing businesses on historical power consumption data analysis and incorporating meteorological data into AI learning for developing the "Users' Power Consumption Estimation System."

The above two systems help the investors of the PV solar stations understand the power generation status, the O&M performance and the potential revenue from selling the power transferred to the users. The users can also enhance their energy management, making plans for purchasing additional energy, assessing whether it is cost-efficient to install energy storage system or participating in Taipower's ancillary service market (demand response) to obtain additional income, and etc..

With sufficient data analysis and accurate forecasts, the management of green energy and the control of the money flow will be much easier and supported by data. 

Integrated Appliance of the Systems


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