PV Solar Installation


Based on the site location, shading, spatial usage, and future plans of the building owner, we design, procure, and install the PV solar system with top-tier products. The administrative applications and insurance are all included in our one-stop services.



1k+ Distributed PV Solar Projects

Developed more than 1,000 projects all around Taiwan, more than 800 sites are in operation by our in-house O&M team.

Dedicating in Rooftop Solar

Focusing on rooftop solar since 2018 to avoid conflicts with local land usage and environment protection.

Multi Options of Generation Return

Getting FiT, the rent, priority to buy back the green energy, or deducting the price of power purchase - all depends on your current & future needs.

Prudent Risk Control

Project sites are fully covered by engineering insurance, 3rd party liability insurance, and property insurance from construction to operation.


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