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Documentary of Greenharvest Group, 2022


  • 2012-2016 ● Installed 66MW

Greenharvest, formerly known as "Sinogreenergy," was established by founder Mr. Kun-Hong Chen in 2012. It pioneered the "Solar Panels on Livestock Sheds" model in Taiwan, introducing a coexistence model that brought multiple benefits to livestock shed owners, including cooling, energy savings, structural reinforcement, and rental income. This laid the foundation for Sinogreenergy's leading position in the industry.

  • 2016-2019 ● Installed 230MW

Gaining the favor of Partners' Group, a Swiss private equity fund, Sinogreenergy signed a 3-year exclusive cooperation agreement. It developed private land and building rooftop solar projects in central and southern Taiwan, securing priority status in national flagship solar lease projects. These projects included land used by the Chiayi Budai Salt Industry and joint rooftop solar leasing projects with national schools.

  • 2019-Present ● Developed 90MW+

Throughout the development of the aforementioned projects, the team maintained constant communication with local residents, environmental organizations, and local entities, continuously seeking guidance and advice from various stakeholders.

At the conclusion of the earlier phases of collaboration, the founder decided to focus on low-impact urban solar projects, foreseeing future green energy demand. This led to the establishment of "Greenharvest Group," which provides services such as solar asset management, green energy sales, power generation benefit analysis and forecasting, and regional integration planning.

This business philosophy gained stable support from domestic large-scale life insurance financial institutions in the fourth quarter of 2020. By the end of 2021, Greenharvest had successfully developed over 90MW of solar capacity.

Service Process

  • Consultation Request

Click the link and select 'Installation Preliminary Assessment' as the subject, then provide your contact information. We will dispatch a team member to assist you promptly.

  • Preliminary Assessment

Our team will conduct an on-site visit to preliminarily clarify the following:

  1. Owner's installation goals and concerns.
  2. Current and future usage of potential sites.
  3. Building conditions and ownership.
  4. Surrounding shading conditions.
  5. Nearby interconnection locations.

Following this, the Electrical and Design Department will propose a plan, and the Project Management Department will, in accordance with the owner's preferences, perform financial calculations and provide a 3D simulation and proposal.

  • Project Execution

Upon mutual agreement, we will proceed with negotiations and contract notarization. Greenharvest takes responsibility for project financing, regulatory approvals, procurement, construction management, insurance planning, and provides owners with progress updates in real-time."


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