Assessment & 3D Simulation

We develop 3D simulated layout designs to provide the owners with envisioned installation outcomes as the foundation for negotiations.

3D Simulation Video - by GH Design Team

Preliminary Assessment

  • Site Visit

Upon receiving a demand notification, our team will assign a sales representative to visit the site to preliminarily clarify the following:

1. Owner's installation goals and requirements, current usage, and future plans, as well as land and property ownership.

2. Building conditions (roof type, age, leaks, structure, etc.), surrounding shading, and nearby interconnection locations. With the owner's consent, aerial photography will be conducted to collect mapping data.

  • Preliminary Design

Once the aerial data is received, our team will create 3D drawings for simulation. Financial calculations will be carried out according to the owner's preferred collaboration method, providing a proposed plan for discussion between our team and the owner.

  • Detailed Design

Upon mutual agreement, our team will proceed with electrical and structural designs, obtaining professional engineer certifications. After receiving regulatory approvals, we will then proceed with material procurement and on-site construction.

Before Construction: Aerial Shot of the Main Building of Chungshan High School(CSHS), Keelung

3D Simulation Design of the Main Building, CSHS

Completed Look of the Main Building, CSHS

Example: Rooftop Solar Design for School

We provide a comprehensive representation from various angles across the site, allowing the owner to preview the completed look and enabling them to discuss specific construction methods for localized adjustments, reducing the gap between design and expected outcomes.


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