Representative Projects

Some of our achievements in diverse types of solar energy



Livestock Shed Solar

  • Dacheng Township, Changhua County, 2012

The team started with livestock shed solar projects in the Yunlin area, accumulating an installation capacity of approximately 65MW in the central and southern regions. This was the group's first livestock shed solar project, with an installation capacity of 496.8 kW. The main technical challenges included mud, dust, and sulfur corrosion. The team used corrosion-resistant materials, combined with regular inspections, reinforcement, and cleaning by the maintenance team to maintain the project's stability and good power generation efficiency.

  • Xiluo Township, Yunlin County, 2014

Technical Challenges: Mud, dust, and sulfur corrosion.

Operational Benefits: The livestock sheds reduce temperature and energy consumption while generating rental income. This also adds resilience for adapting to uncertain external environmental changes.

AnDing, Tainan

Wandan, Pingtung

Household Rooftop Solar

  • Anding District, Tainan City, 2020

With an installation capacity of 7.44kW, this project marked a significant milestone as the first successful residential rooftop solar application classified as a 'Type 1 Power Producer' in Taiwan. It also involved green energy supply. Overcoming challenges included reaching an agreement with the homeowner, prolonged communication with regulatory authorities to obtain Type 1 Power Producer status, and successfully persuading forward-thinking corporate clients - TCI Co., Ltd. and E-Ink Co., Ltd. to purchase the green energy from this project.

  • Wandan Township, Pingtung County, 2021

This project, with a capacity of 7.44kW, serves as a demonstration of 'Residential Rooftop Solar Supply for Natural Persons (Non-owner Self-purchase),' showcasing a model for this type of installation.

Yunlin Special Educational School

Alishan Xianling Elementary School

Guanshan Technical High School

Rooftop Solar at Schools

  • Dounan Town, Yunlin County, 2017

The first cross-county cooperative leasing project in Taiwan: one of the targets being the National Schools under the Ministry of Education. The team overcame the challenge of managing simultaneous projects in over 60 schools nationwide and completed installations with a capacity of over 25MW.

  • Alishan Township, Chiayi County, 2022

Located in the Alishan National Scenic Area, Alishan Xianglin Elementary School is the highest school in Taiwan, situated at an elevation of 2,195 meters. Technical challenges included power line connections, transporting materials and large machinery up the mountain, and installation work under the unstable weather conditions of the mountainous region.

  • Guanshan Town, Taitung County, 2019

Challenges overcome included potential typhoon and earthquake hazards, project financing from banks, ongoing operation, and financial loss insurance. These were all key issues that required continuous communication during the project development process.

National Taxation Bureau New Taipei City Branch Office

Rooftop Solar on Government Buildings

  • Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 2022

Due to the complexity of property rights in high-rise buildings, limited roof space, and the extremely high cost of suspension work, this project stands as one of the few rooftop solar installations in Taiwan that exceeds ten stories in height. The installation has a capacity of 49.95 kW. Technical challenges overcome included waterproofing for the rooftop of the office building and suspension operations.


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