EPC Management

Preparatory work, brackets engineering, PV solar module engineering, electrical engineering, and construction completion.

Preparatory Work

  • Site Investigation & Pre-construction Instructions

    1. Before construction, the engineers use the aerial camera to confirm the scope of construction and the safeness of the floors (for example: whether there are fixed ladders beside the building, any skylight cover on the rooftop).

    2. Conducting preliminary design and communicating for the connection location with Taipower. Once there is a consensus, the team will discuss it with the building and land owner, then inquire the relevant stakeholders in the construction briefing meeting.

  • Labor Safety & Risk Management

    1. Before construction, we will hold an internal meeting for the construction plan and potential hazard notification for the on-site construction manager and work team. The construction plan covers the location, the necessary protective gears when walking on the rooftop (safety helmet, backpack safety belt, winch-type anti-fall protection device), and the safety precautions such as hot temperature and heat stroke.

    2. Construction materials would be stored in a designated isolated location, and all the rest and wastes would be cleared from the site after completion.

    3. Both of the construction and maintenance stages will be covered by complete insurance to prevent the risks and protect the safety of every personnel and third party.

Brackets & Module Installation

RC Rooftop Brackets Installation

Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets Waterproofing Process

  • RC Rooftops

    Process Flow: Sampling the placement points of the brackets → Confirming the drilling depth with the building owner → Cleaning the dust in the drilling hole → Placing the chemical anchors and solidifying with reinforcement glue → Placing the bottom plate for horizontal correction and fixation → Fixing the steel columns and beams → Base cement coating and waterproofing → Assembling the modules to the brackets.

    ● The reinforcement glue we use is certified by EU ETA and ICC-ES for its weather-resistance and non-toxic material.
    ● The base is covered with non-shrink cement, which quickly solidifies in 3 minutes and stops leaking instantly. After hardening, the volume of the cement expands slightly and is tightly connected to the structure to enhance the structural strength. It is non-toxic, non-metallic, and has no environmental health concerns. The life duration is equivalent to the structure.
    ● The waterproofing includes 2 layers of waterproof paint that covers the foundations and 15cm+ area from the edges.

  • Pitched Rooftops with Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

    A. Traditional corrugated steel roofing sheet: Using self-tapping screws to fix the base and join the corrugated steel roofing sheets, and applying special silicone for waterproofing.

    B. Stranded corrugated steel roofing sheet: Using special clamps to fasten the twisted parts of the corrugated steel roofing sheets according to the wave crest shape, and applying EPDM or silicone to avoid corrosion caused by potential difference.

    ● Applying high-strength professional sealant, with a tensile load of more than 200 kgf, and has passed strict weather resistance cycle testing.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Completion

  • Mechanical, Electrical and High Voltage Engineering

    1. During the briefing meeting, the construction team will confirm with the owner the locations and the methods of the wiring and hole cleaning.

    2. After the modules are installed, the team will fix the wiring trough and pull the DC cable to the converter equipment rack. After the converters are connected in parallel, the team will install RSG or PVC pipes and route them to the high-voltage or low-voltage construction area and the location of the equipment.

  • Completion Report

    When the construction is completed, the team will test the power supply and take photos to record the completed work. The construction leader will inspect whether there are any issues such as poor crimping, serial misalignment, and etc., and require the team to fix the issues.


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